Spoiler & Game Ruiner [Format]

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Spoiler & Game Ruiner [Format]

Post by Esport Admin on Sun Jul 17, 2016 7:10 pm

Format :

The Reported Username:
Your IGN:
Reason With TimeStamps:

Examples :

Replay: Upload Your Replay On http://wc3parser.com//
The Reported Username: Moya~Kyaw
Your IGN: PainCrim
Reason: Moya~Kyaw Destroyed my item at 15:50 ( replay time ),
Reason With TimeStamps: Moya~Kyaw feeded at 6:25,8.15.798,15:50..etc. , Abused skill Tiny , Ezra etc (timestamps), afked/not helping team(entire game full time farm)/intentionally messing around (timestamps)

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